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Fast Granite and Marble LLC was started in 2009 by Luke Fast. Since that time, we have strived to give our customers the best possible experience and product. As a company, we have over 41 years of combined experience. In that time, we have seen some things that we would like to save our future customers from. That is why we have created this document. We understand that this is a big investment in your home’s value, and we want you to enjoy your counters for years to come. We also understand that in the midst of a remodel, or building a new home, your time is very valuable. That is why we have set up some of these guidelines. We may ask a lot of questions, but we really want your experience with us to be as seamless as possible.

Before Choosing a Stone:

All stones can be etched from something that is acidic, this is more noticeable on darker stones. Our shop highly recommends you choose granite, quartz, or quartzite for all surfaces. Although we do generally approve of these stones, there are some within these categories that we do not recommend:
  • Stones that have a high concentration of mica, which is a very brittle stone and usually leads to chips and a higher cost on fabrication and installation.
  • Not all quartz is created equally. That being said, we will do our best to inform you of any possible problems based on your selection.
  • If you choose a stone that is not at our location and we quote you a price, we reserve the right to adjust our price when it arrives at our facility, based on what we see in the material. We will also want to meet with you and go over our concerns.
Before Template:

In order to get the most accurate template and install, counters should be removed for template. If not, there is a possibility of tops not fitting perfectly.
If customer selects a sink, other than one that is provided by Fast Granite and Marble:
All sinks must be on site at the time of template. If not, customer is responsible for delivery to 3277 E State Hwy 76, Branson, MO 65616.
Farm sinks need to be set an 1/8 to ¼ “ below cabinet top prior to template. (not plumbed or glued in place)
After template is completed, our office will re-figure the invoice to make sure that customer drawings were accurate. If we see any difference in square footage, sink cut outs, or appliance cut outs, we reserve the right to adjust the final invoice to reflect those changes.

Before Install:

Cabinets need to plane if level is not possible. Stone counters need support to avoid breakage, if excessive shims are needed, we will not warranty breaks. Homeowner is responsible for making sure cabinets are in good order. If this is not done, and rescheduling needs to happen, a $450 surcharge will be applied to the bill.
Previous counters need to be removed the day before installation:
If our installers arrive, and old counters and plumbing are still in place. Fast Granite and Marble LLC reserves the right to add a $450.00 surcharge to the bill. The install will also have to be rescheduled as soon as our schedule permits, in some cases this could be a delay of up to four weeks.

Cooktops and Faucet etc. need to be at the job site at the time of install.
Customers are responsible for relaying where faucets will be placed on the date of install.

After job is completed:

After install, please do not plumb any sinks for 24 hours after install.

If sink drops or moves because of plumbing too soon, we will charge a service fee to fix. (all plumbing will need to be removed in order fix the sink)

Fast Granite and Marble is not responsible for the maintenance of your counters once they are installed.

Natural stone counters must be sealed at least every 6 months (this does not apply to Quartz.)

We provide the first coat. After that, responsibility falls to the homeowner to maintain counters. If a water ring is noticed let it dry out and apply a new coat of sealer. Any type of stone
sealer is appropriate. Dupont Bulletproof is a good sealer that the public can easily purchase online or at most major retailers.
Soapstone requires mineral oil instead of sealer. Whenever you notice the stone getting lighter you will need to re-apply another coat, no more than once per week. Every soapstone is different depending on the density and color. Also, as a homeowner you may like a different sheen than others. If you want to continue making your counters darker wipe them down with oil until you get the desired color.

Best way to clean counters is with blue Dawn or Dove dishwashing soap. Otherwise most retailers sell a
granite and marble cleaner.

Thank you so much for choosing Fast Granite and Marble LLC. Every employee that works here sincerely
appreciates your business, and looks forward to giving you the best possible product and experience.